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Thread: Vertical Stringing when Suppressed

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    I agree with not ruling out barrel nut. After I thought the optic might be the problem I also thought the barrel could possibly be loose. I didn't take off rails or check the barrel nut specifically, but it feels rock solid when I try to flex it by hand. After shooting good groups unsuppressed I thought this a little less likely.

    In the first picture, you can see the 3 rounds at the bottom that were shot unsuppressed that did not string.
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    Vertical Stringing when Suppressed

    Vertical stringing while prone can be due to breathing.

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    What concerns me after reading your post and the responses twice is the amount of displacement at so short a range with the suppressor on Rifle A.

    Can and or have you inspected the crown of the offending rifle?

    I would pull of the flash-hider and if necessary mount it again without the shims, heck might be way better without the shims. I cannot say that I am familiar with the particular device, but when firing suppressed would it in any way mater?

    At such a short range I'd be tempted to throw some BUIS on and not worry about an optic acting up occasionally. Also pound some rounds down range unsuppressed first.
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    Could just be the gun. I had a 10.5" noveske with an 8+ moa shift out of a known g2g can. Noveske basically said the gun was a shit show and gave me my money back. Nothing was in spec basically. Not even the lower,lol

    Id swap out muzzle devices amd go from there next.

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