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Thread: Range Finder Advice

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    For the price, I’ve been very happy with my Sig Kilo2000 as well. I’ve also got quite a bit of time behind a Leica and was never overly impressed with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertTheTexan View Post
    Vortex range finders are great ranger finders but none of their offerings are going to give you a 2500m read.
    What RPR are you looking at with that kind of range?
    Yeah I haven't seen anything on Vortex like that, and based on everybody's opinions in this thread, it looks like I'll be going with a Sig K2000 or 2200. Part of the learning experience for me has also been about the distance itself, and really 2500 meters was a nice round number in my head to start with, with no real basis in application. It's obvious to me now that if I'm in a position to reach out that far, I'll know a whole lot more about things, and I have no need for that kind of power at the moment.

    Thanks for all the input, this thread has been very helpful.

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