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Thread: Best Vltor A5 Buffer for 11.5" Upper wtih SB Tactical SBA 3?

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    Best Vltor A5 Buffer for 11.5" Upper wtih SB Tactical SBA 3?

    So excited. My Sons of Liberty pistol lower is due tomorrow and will be paired with my 11.5" Craddock Precision upper. No more Shockwave/generic lower after this weekend. This will be running suppressed 95% of the time with a Dead Air Sandman-S.

    I will be able to test fire it next weekend but want to order additional parts to have them on hand to test in real time. Ammo used will be IMI 556 55g, 69g, and 77g, FGMM 69g and 77g, Frontier 55g, 69g, and 75g and possibly Wolf Gold. But most likely sticking with 556 ammo for the time being.

    Do you recommend I pick up Vltor A5H3 and A5H4 buffers and test those first before the H2? I will be tuning the gas by loading one round and rotating the gas key 1/2 rotation a time until the bolt doesn't lock back.

    Also, do you suggest an LMT E Carrier with the Sionics bolt?


    • 11.5" 1:8 Bartlein barrel with a carbine +1 length gas sytem and a .67 gas port
    • Vltor MUR
    • Superlative Arms AGB
    • SLR 10.7" Solo Lite handguard
    • Sionics NP3 BCG
    • Dead Air brake and Sandman-S


    • SBA3 Brace
    • Vltor A5 RE with A5 H2
    • Geissele SD-E

    I will post pics and report back on what ammo and buffers worked out best.

    Thanks for all the help.

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    I have experience with the A5 system but not adjustable gas blocks so my recommendation here is just based off what I've read. That being said, it seems that tuning at the gas port is ideal to the buffer system. Since the A5H2 (marked simply as A5 on the buffer itself) is typically regarded as the stock weight, I would stick with that and make all adjustments at with the AGB, as you said you plan on doing. If you didn't have an AGB, then I would say its worth picking up at least one other buffer to try out, but the heavier buffers always mean that more mass is going into your shoulder during the weapon's recoil. That's less desirable than simply regulating gas at the port itself. So, I'd say stick with the A5 buffer and tune the AGB and am ASSUMING that you'd be able to get an ideal operating pressure from that. I'm curious to see if others with more experience would agree though, so this is just kind of me thinking out loud.
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    Id definitely start with the A5H2 before buying another $80 in buffers you wont use.

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    When I started dabbling with the A5 buffer system, the A2 buffers were sold out everywhere. I quickly realized that I could buy an A4 buffer for the price of an A2. I simply disassembled the A4 and changed the weights, making it an A2.

    This gave me the advantage to adjust the buffer weight to what I needed without buying more than one buffer
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