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Thread: RATS Tourniquet Sling? Feedback Sought

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTF425 View Post
    The SWAT-T is a much better choice for this.
    I appreciate it.

    I suppose that anything is better than nothing, but best practices are best. I have some RATS tucked away in the outdoor kits, due to their size. Bleeding is a bad thing to not be able to stop, effectively.
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    Stick with the CAT. It's the standard which most people are trained on and very easy to figure out for those that aren't.

    with the SOFT as the second most often found in the field (having trained with both I would use either but the CAT is more likely to be put on me faster by someone else).

    The RATS would be useful for smaller/children, but the wider band is the standard for TQ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tokarev View Post
    Does anyone have any experience with the RATS tourniquet sling? I like the idea of having stowage for a TQ but want to maintain the functionality of a good shooting sling.

    On a related note is there anything else on the market with a sleeve or pouch to hold a tourniquet?



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    Strongly prefer the SOFTT-W v3 and CAT v7 in that order, carried on-body. That being said, the RATS is better than nothing. The sling is an interesting concept and a viable carry method for it, if the sling design works with your shooting.
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