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Thread: Which BCM 11.5 Upper To Go With?

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    Which BCM 11.5 Upper To Go With?

    I have an ADM UIC Complete Lower Receiver with an SBA3 Pistol Brace. Im wanting to get a BCM 11.5 Upper to mate with it. Problem is, I dont know which one to go with. Either the ELW, ELW-F, Standard Govt, or BFH Govt. Price isnt really a concern but saving a few bucks is always a plus. Saving weight is good with the ELW or the ELW-F. Basically would be a defensive AR Pistol that I could go out to the range, shoot targets, and practice drills with. Wont be using it too hard or putting massive rounds down range at one time but would like it durable enough to take a beating and be a workhorse.

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    My buddy has the 9 for 300 BLK and its awesome.

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    I have the ELW-F 11.5 on a SBR lower with a Saker-K.

    It's my main AR for HD and pest control. Works great with a VLTOR A5 and Springco Rifle spring.
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