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Thread: Was this a Field modification or what?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsbhike View Post
    The other long gun with moderator that comes up in McGrady pictures is a carbine.

    The proportions of everything on it look kinda funky to me (grainy pic on cell screen) and was what made me think slip over.

    Another of the rifle gas now that I figured out how to get those to post.

    It appears that he used an aluminum vinyl acetate stock assembly (or SP1 carbine lower assembly) with the SP1 Sporter upper assembly. It is hard to tell if the carbine pictured is a SP1 carbine with the XM177 FH/moderator or an XM177E2 build. The right side of the upper receiver would tell the tale. My guess is it is a SP1 Carbine. The barrel is too long for it to be an actual XM177E2.
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    Yeah the angles make it hard to determine a few things. I knew it wasn't 10.5"/11.5", but SP1 carbine upper vs. 65x upper I wasn't as sure on.

    Think that is a Safari Arms 1911, although the hook and finger bump could be a custom shop add on. From what I can see and the time frame, guessing that is a Bianchi X15.

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    Thats a SP1 Carbine you can see the the large screw
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