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Streamlight Stylus pro is one of the best edc pen light that you can buy. I have this light.
Maybe for the price, but if you don''t mind 2 AA's, the EagTac P25A2 is a hell of a performer for a very small size increase, although the price is much more: http://www.eagletac.com/html/p25a2/index.html

If you are set on 2 AAA's, the Klarus P20 is also a better performer and has a high CRI LED to see colors more accurately. The price is only slightly higher. http://www.klaruslight.com/index.php...tid=178&id=157

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Really like the olight S line.
The S1 series are almost too small
Use AA or special lithium ion battery
Super bright 500-600 lumens
Also moonlight mode
I snorkeled with mine for hours and it’s worked fine for months after
up till I lost it
I have one too. I let someone borrow it and they lost it (never again), now I have my wife's because she didn't want me buying another one....lol. Great little light.