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Thread: Gunsmith for my mossberg 500 sight install

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    Hmmm the XS was what I was thinking of, but at one time the banded front was available as a stand alone from Brownells for around $70. Of course MMC was in business a long time and offered fronts and rears as individual assemblies so roll the dice. Still may be worth a call to Brownells or XS and see if they offer it as a solo.

    Another banded option is Sage Int.


    I have a non winged front for about 15 years and no issues so far. No idea on a la carte fronts, but I think a complete set on sale would still be cheaper than solder plus refinish.

    There is always eBay too.

    Red dot would be ahead of the curve too and for another ditch the whole thing and get something else option, sell sights and barrel and get a new barrel with rifle sights attached. Going to be a user's eye preference, but I can't discern any major difference on speed with shot loads or ability to get accurate slug hits with receiver ghost ring versus barrel mounted rifle type sights. In theory, the barrel mounted sights should be more consistent since they are always in the same place relative to each other which is the same reasoning for barrel attached cantilever scope rails.

    Forgot LPA. There are some banded on eBay, Amazon, and other places that will fit Mossberg barrels, but not sure on how they play with Mossberg rears and the LPA doesn't seem to have any elevation adjustment like the Sage and XS fronts.
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    Thanks WS6! I just got a call back from Midwest Gunworks and they quoted me around 200 bucks total. so I'm gonna go with them. Thanks for all the input guys i really appreciate it. Oh and the sights are factory Mossberg Ghost Rings.
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    Rose Action Sports can do it.


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