Randy Cain of Cumberland Tactics returns to Southern Exposure Training in Lakeland, FL for his foundation stone course, Tactical Handgun 101, from Friday 9 November through Sunday 11 November. This will be the last 2018 offering in Florida of this highly-regarded course, and still has availability.

TH101 is the most popular course in the comprehensive Cumberland Tactics curriculum, providing a thorough introduction to the defensive use of the handgun. The course covers all elements of the Modern Technique of the Pistol, starting with the triad of marksmanship, gun handling, and mindset. Because of TH101's strong focus on the fundamentals, many proficient shooters with extensive training experience return repeatedly for TH101 to refresh and hone their skills.

The course puts a high degree of emphasis on safety on and off the range, and covers marksmanship factors, the draw stroke, malfunction clearance, weapon retention, shooting on the move, moving targets, various firing positions, low-light shooting, and mental conditioning. Depending on the composition of the class, additional subjects such as individual tactics and working with a partner or as part of a team may be covered.

One very proficient shooter who has trained extensively with a number of nationally prominent instructors over the years characterizes TH101 (a course he has taken multiple times) this way: "Randy will start at the most basic level, and build. You might think at 11AM on the first day that the class is too basic for you. It isn't. If you knew what he would be having you do at 11AM on the third day, you'd think the class is too advanced for you. It isn't."

The nominal ammunition requirement for the course is 600 Rounds. Some classes use less, some use more - bringing a little extra couldn't hurt. Tuition for the class is $600. Southern Exposure Training students get discounted rates at the Travelodge Motel at the intersection of I-4 and US-98.

Additional information about the instructor's philosophy, training credentials, and how to register for the course can be found at his website: