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Thread: Buyers beware of voluntold - WELCH

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    Buyers beware of voluntold - WELCH

    Agreed to buy an item, we agreed on price, when I could ship it, and when he would pay. No payment received when he said he would pay and zero response to emails and messages between Thursday and today.

    Comms related to the sale:

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    Re: Geissele MK16
    Ok I will send you the money on Thursday so you can mail it on Friday. Consider it sold I definitely want it.

    Appreciate it,

    QUOTE=drtywk]Copy. You can send payment to Please add 4% for fees, or send via Friends and Family, and reply to this message with your shipping address after it has been sent. I will forward the tracking number after I drop it off at the post office.

    Please note that I will not be able to ship it until Friday. I am on my way to Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland for a class and won’t be back until Thursday night.

    Let me know if you have any questions and I apologize for not being able to ship it until later in the week.


    Quote Originally Posted by voluntold
    If you're not in my area I'll pay via paypal.


    Quote Originally Posted by drtywk
    Yes, it is still available and it is yours if you want it. Let me know.


    Quote Originally Posted by voluntold
    Is your Geissele mk16 rail still for sale? If so I will take it.
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