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Thread: Blue Loctite (Threadlocker 242)...

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    Blue Loctite (Threadlocker 242)...

    Hey guys,

    I've got a really dumb but really easy question. Im about to mount my ACOG with a Laue LT-100 and have a question regarding the loctite it comes with:

    If I ever want to remove the ACOG from the Larue mount - will I be able to if I used the loctite? The only experience I have with loctite was a long time ago and I remember it being like super glue on steroids - only to be applied for permanent applications. So I guess I dont know if this stuff is the super super glue I remember or if it just kind of 'helps' the screw stay in place.

    If I am able to remove it, is there a process involved or just a little more torque required when taking out the screws?

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    Yes blue is excellent. Make sure to properly degrease the threads before application. Vibra-tite VC-3 is an excellent alternative as it doesn’t require heat to remove if stuck.
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    Blue 242 is used to keep threads from accidentally loosening from vibration, bumps/bangs, etc. It breaks loose with hand tools. It sounds like your experience is with Red Loctite which requires heat to break loose.

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    I prefer Vibratite VC 3. ADM recommends this instead of blue

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    I've used Vibratite on optic mounts for years without any failures to hold. It's more user friendly and can be removed and reinstalled 2-3 times without degreasing the threads and applying new material.

    The low strength purple is another option if you have very small fasteners that need to hold but not be permanent.
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