I have a TA-11 with the donut dot. I'm using it on a Rock River Predator Pursuit, .223, who's main purpose is a coyote rifle.

I've developed a hand load for it. So far my groups are .460-.502, and still tightening up both as I shoot it and tweak the load.

The donut reticle is a tad...large, imo. I think it covers to much at 2-300 yards. IIRC, it's a 4 moa circle.

So I'm looking for someone(s) who have either the horseshoe dot, or the cross hair reticle to take me a picture of a coyote sized animal at around 200 yards, so I can compare my reticle to yours. For those of you unsure how large a coyote is, it's a tad smaller than a black lab, so any dog in reality would suffice, as long as it's not a bull mastiff or chihuahua or something.

You can find pictures of the reticles all over the internet, but they are usually just pointing at a house or a rocky hill a unknown distance away against a target of unknown size just to show the reticle itself. Never in a way to compare the reticle.

So, can you guys help me out?

And yes, I have searched here but either I'm using the wrong key words, or this particular information request isn't here.