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Thread: PSA AR pistol Kits

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    I think PSA, for the money, does an excellent job on their wares.
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    I own 2 and I've run the quality gamut of other stuff from bushy to LMT. You cant beat the price but I feel its a roll of the dice. You might get something trouble free or something of dubious quality. I know what I'm looking for so I'm confident and I think as long as you are willing to pop it apart and do your own QC then you will be fine. If theres a serious issue I believe they will make it right.

    My PSA 556 and 300 are both well assembled and do what they are supposed to do. I trust them to run for my purposes. If I was building a top tier rifle I'd likely look elsewhere but for my every now and then shooting I'm happy. My 10.5" 556 is my HD gun and since it sits much and runs little I dont have an issue with it in this role. If I was deploying and for some random reason building my gun rather than getting it issued I'd absolutely get better, more well known components or more likely run a different gun. YMMV of course.

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