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Thread: 6.5 PRC SOCOM Should have waited?

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    6.5 PRC SOCOM Should have waited?

    After reading all I could of SOCOMs testing and finally adopting the 6.5CM over .260 Remington (which performed the same) and 7.62x51, I was left wondering. Hornady released the 6.5 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) right around the start of the SOCOM testing. The 6.5 PRC out performs the 6.5CM, the .260 Remington, and the 7.62x51 by far. It matches .300 Win Mag performance from a lighter weapon, with less recoil. I guess the only down side to the 6.5 PRC is it requires a magnum bolt face. Then again so does the .300 Win Mag. Has anyone heard of another ammo manufacture getting into the 6.5 PRC game. There are a number of rifles being chambered in it already.

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    Well...good luck getting that to run in a semi-auto at a reliability level acceptable for .mil use. Semi-auto 308's are only finally coming into their own.

    If you look at numbers of other cartridges of the short magnum/ultra magnum persuasion, the 6.5 PRC isn't that great of a performer by comparison to those.

    It's also about logistics too. Barrel life, recoil management and keeping a system up an running long enough for a work up. Luckily you can do as you please, If you dig it have at it.


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