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Thread: Native Born Texans voted 51% for Beto vs. 48% for Cruz

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    Quote Originally Posted by elephant View Post
    Like more money than you need to raise to run for Senate.
    I paint spaceship parts.

    Quote Originally Posted by Failure2Stop View Post
    Stippled Glocks are like used underwear; previous owner makes all the difference in value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeruMew View Post
    I hate exit polls. Guess how many times I have been polled in our conservative district in 8 years since being legal voting age. He answer is none. Exit polls are a sham designed to discourage folks from voting later in the day by swaying the numbers so badly it's a "Why bother putting in my vote." ideas start formulating.
    Most exit polls are conducted in the larger and most are pretty liberal. I can believe those numbers based on location taken.

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