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Thread: Moving Away from the 416?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpmuscle View Post
    I’d give my left nut for a legit 416 10.4

    Pinnacle of shorty perfection imo.

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    I am right there with you. It's been a dream gun of mine forever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stickman View Post
    I can't figure why the USMC ever went with complete weapons either. They could have gone with mod kits and made things easy.
    U.S.M.C. identity firearm? Sort of like the AK-74 for Russia, the L85A3 for U.K., the MSBS for Poland, the AUG for Austria, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markm View Post
    The 416 came about in the wake of years of bottom feeders flooding the market with overgassed, corner cut, garbage that gave the DI gun an unjustified bad rap in some internutsack circles. So I get that it has a civilian following with fans of the HK guns.

    I'd love to play with a 416 some time. I have to admit that due to the horribly retarded attempts to make a piston AR work by every other yahoo on the planet have me pretty biased against the HK version. However the 416 has been around long enough now that it must work pretty well, or it'd be history too.

    Time and time again, when the discussion of "legit" piston guns comes up, the 416 is always the standard. Some will mention LWRC, some won't but the HK is pretty unanimous in that respect.

    True, things have changed a lot in AR's since 03/04, and many will argue that the piston assembly may have taken too much of the credit and the mojo in the CHF barrel and the use of different methods/materials/finishes should deserve some of the credit. Geissele, Hodge/Mega, Centurion, Forward Control Design and various others have instituted features on guns now that were first seen on (AR's) the 416...whether they know it or not.

    Has the AR game stepped up and narrowed the gap? Absolutely! Is the 416 irrelevant?...I say no simply because it's an accurate, reliable, long-lasting gun...the economics and availability just happen to suck. We all know HK is going to do whatever they want until a contract requires them to remove their head from their rear. It still has plenty of room for improvement, and if HK wants to stay relevant, taking a page out of the DI book from the last 15 years wouldn't hurt. Refine your gas port size/settings, lighten your barrel, stop doing weird HKeyish s#it that nobody wants and get some MLOK.
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    I'm happy still with my Titan Defense clone.

    Accurate and reliable with no issues.

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