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Thread: Lefty .308

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    Lefty .308

    Due to recent legislation in WA I need to finish my collection before next summer. First on the list is going to be my primary midrange+ rifle, and I think I've decided on a lefty .308, probably with 18-20" barrel. Beyond that things get murkier for me as the AR platform in general is new to me outside of limited military handling. Any recommendations? Is there something good off the shelf that won't need a second mortgage, should I look at building myself, etc? Any help appreciated.

    FYI, already have a gifted MP-15 Sport II in my ZA box, but other than target shooting or apocalypse it wouldn't be my first choice (not overly fond of 5.56, not as good with my right, etc).

    Thanks again.

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    Just a few things to get to you started....

    Firstly, I'm a lefty have a LMT MWS .308 and have zero problems or reasons to ever get a specific left handed AR outside of ambi controls on the lower, and maybe an ambi CH. It's the same for me with any AR15 as well. They make plenty of aftermarket ambi controls to make any traditional AR left handed friendly.

    Secondly, if you haven't built a normal AR-15, I certainly wouldn't start out with a large frame AR build.

    Something like this might work for you, and you already have it's little brother....
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