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Thread: Which one: Aimpoint PRO or T-2?

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    Which one: Aimpoint PRO or T-2?

    And why?

    I like the small size and light weight of the T-2 but the PRO, being a tad larger in diameter, is a little easier to pick up when throwing the weapon to your shoulder.

    I have a PRO in a Scalar Works absolute co-witness mount just sitting in my safe. Bought it last year on Black Friday. My grab-and-go carbine has a T-2 on it, but was thinking about swapping. Yeah, I have too much time on my hands!
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    I still like the full sized Aimpoint, but I dont have much time on a Micro. As a side note, how much were the Scalar Work PRO's last year?

    Edited to add- to me, a RDS excels at letting you make hits when your head position is not perfect, particularly when firing from support side. I can see how a bigger window is beneficial here. If we are just talking about optimal strong-side only shooting, I still do pretty good with irons, so I benefit from the bigger window on a personal level. It's possible I could train through it as a non-issue , but I will probably buy another full size AimPoint and use the rest of my money on ammo.
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    PRO. Price point. Buy once, cry once only goes so far

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    For an SBR, I prefer the T-2.

    For anything else, the Pro is fine.
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