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Thread: G35 Is It Just As Good?

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    Among service calibers with modern ammo, it's understood at this point that shot placement far outweighs any additional advantage given by a larger caliber (e.g. 9mm vs 40). This is generally much easier with 9mm vs 40 or 45.

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    I have the same pistol and have shot some good sized does from or around my brothers barn/outbuildings at his ranch in S.E. Montana.
    Lately I have used Magtech 180gr. bonded HP @ 25yds and they typically shoot completely through these deer, they are DRT or don't
    go far.
    Lambing season coming up and a great time to shoot coyotes because they get stupid with the season typically. Have been able to test
    everything from 22lr to 30.06 on them from near contact to 300 yds .
    The 40S&W through the shoulders in any weight out to 25yds or so is like a pole ax.
    Did I say the HP cavity on these is huge? Like the old flying ashtray .45's of old.
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