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I’ll agree... not really going to help a lot with safety.

To me, you can’t make someone safer by product features/improvements. Knowledge, whether actual training, practice, or even taking the time and reading the manual... is how someone increases their safe handling of firearms.
This is the kind of wives tale that gun people love to repeat, but it is primarily marketing baloney created by Glock to sell guns with no safety or DA trigger pull.

The fact of the matter is that any neuroscientist or aviation safety expert will tell you that no one is 100% infallible, and safety devices, indicators and interlocs are necessary "defenses in depth" that can head off a tragic chain of events.

The second most dangerous gun people are those who have trained themselves to such a high proficiency that they no longer doing the safety steps consciously. These people look good, shoot great and surprise everyone when they AD because they thought they looked in the chamber, but really just made the habitual motion of holding the breech open while directing their eyes into it. I've seen it more than once - even with a range safety officer shooting and another watching him.

You can't really train mindfulness through repetition. Which is why a bright orange piece of plastic might be novel enough to make some sort of impression. I don't know how much this specific feature could actually help, but orange plastic doesn't feed ammo any worse than black plastic.

Plus, it might prevent you from grabbing an empty mag when you really, really need a loaded one.