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Thread: UTG/Leapers M-LOK Bipod

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    Quote Originally Posted by GH41 View Post
    3- point landing... You are breaking your fall into position with the rifle... Bipod legs are 2 and your belly makes 3.

    LOL, if that happens, then I'll be the one to break, and I won't be worried about the bipod...

    Quote Originally Posted by SeriousStudent View Post
    The OP (Bimmer) did point out a new piece of gear. Personally, as a gear nerd, I think that's a good thing. I do like the design, I was pointing out that it's not a brand new idea, but UTG's "interpretation" of the Vltor design...
    Amen. If Vltor made an M-Lok version, then I'd be saving for that. They don't, and I'm not going to get a quad-rail forend now...

    I was not only pointing out a new piece of gear, but really hoping that somebody would point me to some "original" better version than the UTG.

    Really, I'd be thrilled to give my money to MagPul or Vltor or whoever if they would produce the same thing (only better) at 2x or even 3x the price.

    Quote Originally Posted by SeriousStudent View Post
    Mykdee liked to get in pissing contests. He's always going to lose those here.
    Amen and hallelujah. He was a troll, and he's gone.

    When I spend some time on other forums (cars), and I really appreciate the moderators at M4C. Thank you, Serious Student.

    Quote Originally Posted by wanderson View Post
    I'm tempted to try this UTG side mount bipod on a budget build. While I've seen some junky UTG/Leapers stuff, I've also had good luck with the UTG Pro rails & risers...
    This is me, too. I do have a couple no-name bits of rail or whatever, and each of my ARs has a ProMag rubber buttstock pad over it's M4 stock. They all work fine.

    I wouldn't buy a UTG BCG or anything that really "matters," but a <$50 bipod for occasional use at the square range is appealing.

    Quote Originally Posted by aznginf View Post
    Neat design but why not stick with a proven performer/mfgr?
    See above... Nobody else seems to make anything just like this.

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    They seem to have a new optic out.

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