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Thread: Walther PPS M2 recall

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hmac View Post
    Yeah...um..not the same thing at all. Not declaring a firearm on an airline is serious business with serious consequences. Bags are routinely searched and/or x-rayed.
    It's checked baggage, not accessible in flight. The airline is just a "contract carrier" the same as FedEx is. The only difference is that TSA x-rays all the bags and parcels, while FedEx does not. So while you have less likelihood of being caught, it is the same crime with the same penalties if you are.

    People get away with a lot of crimes using the mail, UPS and FedEx. People get Fentanyl shipped to them from overseas and get away with that. That doesn't make it less of a felony that they didn't get caught - just good luck. Don't trust your freedom to luck - boxes get damaged, randomly inspected. Dumb to go to jail because you didn't want to drive another 2 miles to a FedEx sorting terminal and verbally declare the firearm as required.

    This industry article says that people have, in fact, been caught and punished for this offense:
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    Well, all good tips for next time, I'm sure. This time...everything worked out fine and was very efficient. Done deal.
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