Those frickn' PSA emails get me everytime. Ended up with a PSA 22LR upper.

1. Works OK with older Black Dog mags. Usually locks back, but when I drop the mag the bolt goes forward. I guess it is a 'hold back' not a 'lock back'?

2. Getting more than a few 'ejected' rounds getting caught between the upper guide rod/spring and the charging handle. Nasty jams. I see online there are dedicated charging handles where the space where the gas tube goes is solid. The guide rod and spring are below this and with out a gas system, not gas tube. Seems is this were solid, it would reduce jams. Designed a new charging handle to 3D print, but would degreasing the CH and filling in the gas tube void area with some jb weld or something keep the jams down? I think I saw something online for these 22 conv kit based uppers. Or does the ejector need to be tuned?

Other than those jams, it ran pretty well. It was just a jam per mag, and you need a pliers or knife to get the round out. My son has a M&P15-22 and I bought a 6 target dueling tree from MGM. Need to get the jams figured out, or he's is really going to kick my ass.