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Thread: product info - Federal AE 147 FMJ (AE9FP)

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    product info - Federal AE 147 FMJ (AE9FP)

    For your SA, I know a number of folks here use Federal AE 147 FMJ, sku AE9FP. These are from a new batch received via LE/gov vendor.

    New packaging. Slightly larger tray, larger box, case packaging larger. Tray is like the Speer Lawman line. Old on top, new on bottom.

    Longer cartridge OAL, bullet shape change. Compare to 147 HST in third image, L-R old, new, HST.

    New headstamp. Old left, new right.

    Shooting these, they spark/flash much more, are a little stouter, I perceive inconsistent charges, with a lot of erratic ejection in my G45. POI is lower. I need to shoot for better groups and get them on a chrono but I’m not too far off base. Several hundred rounds fired.

    Of the mass produced economy practice ammo AE9FP has been GTG for a long time. This recent batch is curious. The short OAL and light recoil impulse has also made this load a good benchmark for some function testing.

    FYI- check your supply.

    ae9fp (1).jpg
    ae9fp (2).jpg
    ae9fp (3).jpg
    ae9fp (4).jpg
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    They changed over a few months back. I have run 1000-1500 of these without function issue. I did not notice any difference in accuracy between the new shape and the old.
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