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Thread: Big bore revolver need

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    Big bore revolver need

    Quote Originally Posted by ubet View Post
    I keep thinking I "need" well more of want a 460sw or 500. I was thinking the 460 so I can load 454 and 45lc in it. What's everyone's opinion? I do go into grizz bear country, but not regularly. This is more of a desire than a need.

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    I have magnum revolvers from 357 up to the 500.

    I like shooting longer distances with revolvers. I planned to hunt with my 460. But for now, Iíve been carrying my 7mm-08.

    If you want to get proficient, youíll need deep pockets or start reloading.

    Shooting these calibers are not cheap.

    The 500 has a wide range of grain weights from high 200s to 700 grains. That is a wide range, plus you can shoot 500 special up to the magnum.

    Of all guns, I Reload the 500 and the 454 Casull, the most of the big bore. Iíll shoot 50 rounds of 454 Casull and 35 rounds of 500 Magnums.

    The 460 has the capability to shoot 45 Colt, 454 Casull and the 460 magnum. Again, these have a decent range of grain weights.

    The above calibers usually have a 5 round capacity.

    It is why I like to carry my Ruger Alaskan 454 Casull, more often. I shoot 50 rounds of full power rounds without issues. Iíve also practiced with 360 grain Buffalo Bore 454 loads. Iím very accurate with it, and I can shoot quickly.

    I have since sold off my Ruger GP100s, for other interests.

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    If your looking for a field companion/packing pistol look at something comfortable to carry, i.e. 4.5"-5.5". X frames and super redhawks are too heavy and bulky to carry and will spend more time on the truck seat, quad gas tank or your day pack. I've got all the big bore calibers just about and looking at commisioning my last, a bisley vaquero 4 5/8-5 1/2" in either 480/475 or 500LB. The 480 will reach my goal of a 400 @ 1150-1200, stainless with micarta grips and fixed sights, a field style duty gun. Right now the closest I have to this is a FA 83 4 3/4 in 454 and 45acp. The S&W 329 is a peach but the stainless flame cut protection insert on the top of the frame was the weak point needing replacement in the 3-500 rd intervals which restricted recreational shooting.

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    Never mind.. this should remain a revolver thread..
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