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Thread: Idea for when you get a new carry pistol

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    Quote Originally Posted by LowSpeed_HighDrag View Post
    Is Uni Vibe trolling us with these threads? He's been a member here long enough to save the Facebook status update revelations for a different platform. We've discussed all these topics for years, what's going on?
    Yeah, he isn't the only one who does this.
    - Rhino

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    Whats this about dual-wielding?

    If you carry a second gun instead of a reload, and you've fired one and think it's about empty, draw the second the gun. If you have to fire the first gun again and it goes empty the other pistol is already in your other hand so you can drop the empty gun and shoot the fresh one.

    There ya go. A plausible scenario for the dual-wield.

    (Although it's still a bad day, mind you!)

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