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Vegas, you’re talking about range 9 at DSRPC right?
That steel over at 650, being on the other side seems to have different wind doesn’t it? I for sure know what you mean.
Yes sir! Definitely requires some attention to the wind. In the summer I have wondered whether there is some kind of thermal thing going on that adds to the variability of the wind. Not sure I am explaining myself correctly but there is some voodoo for sure.

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I love it when you get an occasional day with no wind. Good for the ego. But wind is what makes it fun / challenging too. Without it, it would get boring. Wind The double edged sword!

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That's it exactly. If we dump 2 or 3 at 900, we move on. That target will drain your ammo box.
I'm not that smart. It becomes a war of attrition and I keep plugging away despite the obvious futility!