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Thread: 9" Blackout trigger choice.

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    9" Blackout trigger choice.

    I'm trying to decide on which trigger to use on a 9" .300 Blackout build and I'd like some advice. I've never had or shot an AR pistol before, thus my question.

    The top contenders are...

    1) Normal Colt mil spec.
    2) BCM PNT.
    3) Geissele SSA/G2S two stage.
    4) Geissele SSP

    I run the SSA in a couple of rifles and I love it so would normally choose this option as my default. I also run the Colt and BCM enhanced triggers, and don't have problems with them in basic builds, so don't have any problems using one or the other again. Plus I have both of them on hand. My main question is with a pistol, is there an advantage to having the heavier pull weight against the lighter weight with an SSP? Also, any advantage to single stage over 2 stage?

    My thinking is that a single stage is better in this application, simply because if the pistol is not shouldered there is a more distinct break and less room for movement during the trigger press. Also, obviously the lighter weight pull with an SSA would be more accurate because of again less movement on the trigger press, but is there something to be said on having the heavier 6lb pull weight, so that there is some addition tension as the shooter takes final aim with finger on trigger and less chance of a premature discharge?

    I may be overthinking this but I thought I'd get some input to see if my reasoning is logical and which is the most vaid line of though?

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    If you are familiar with running the SSA in other rifles, I would stick with what you know. I have an SBR, multiple AR pistols, and normal 16" ARs and I think the Geissele SSA triggers are hard to beat. I run the SSA-E in most of mine, including the SBR and pistols.

    As for shooting an AR pistol unshouldered, from what I understand, the ATF clarified that as long as the pistol brace isn't modified in any way, you can shoulder it while shooting. Unless you have some special need to shoot it unshouldered, I don't see why you would want to do that. For now at least, you can shoulder your AR pistol with an approved stock pistol brace.

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    I own all the triggers you have listed except the SSP. Even though it wasn't mentioned the Larue MBT for $89.00 is hard to beat and I prefer it to the Giessele GS2.

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    I'm an SSA addict as well and I got a SDC to try out and love it in my blackout sbr.


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