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Thread: Foxtrot Mike 9mm blowback pistol

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    Foxtrot Mike 9mm blowback pistol

    In my mind $499 seems like a really good price.

    Anyone have experiences with their short barrels?
    Can a suppressor be run after taking off the diffuser?

    I read an active thread on TOS, just donít post there.

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    I paid $50 more for mine. I saw the deal a week before Thanksgiving and jumped on it. I put about 200 rounds through it so far. I've tried several different types 9mm ammo--124 +p, 115 ball, 147 sxt. It runs great.

    I couldn't buy the parts and build this for what Primary Arms is charging.

    I can't help you out with any information about the suppressor. I live in a communist state and can't own one. The blast diffuser looks like it has a crush washer behind it. No reason why you couldn't take it off
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    If you could combine this with the CMMG radial bolt/barrel it would be perfection. Even more so if it could be combined with an Oly arms style self-contained upper.


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