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Thread: 308.. 20 inch vs 24 inch

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    I have been running a 24 inch 308 in local club matches. When it comes time to re barrel, I will go with a 20 inch. My main reason is for match shooting I just built a 6.5x47, which shoots circles around my 30 cal. Just about 1.5 mils less drop at 1K. Still love good ol 308 though.

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    I would say the better question for 308 is: 18 inch or 22 inch.

    Opinions vary from AO to AO given the elevation, temp, and atmospherics and there variance across this great land. It drives me up the wall when some dude out west a mile above sea level can't comprehend why my 168gr down here in the plains isn't tracking to to 1000y when he can "ring steel all day long at 1200".

    Personally, I haven't seen much difference in 185 juggernauts coming out of a 22 compared to a 24" in terms of velocity/performance. If I want to get greedy, I'll switch calibers. IMHO, if you want longer than 24" for anything that's not competition driven...go magnum. Might as well have something to show for all that thing.

    I used to like 20...until I went with 18/18.5. I like having the end of my muzzle device be no longer than a 20" plain. I've tried 16 but I'm not so sure where I need to be with twist and a few other factors didn't really leave me wanting to go below 18 for a 308 given that it still worked with every bullet I would want to use.

    Living in a profession where I carry a bolt gun more than I shoot it at work, go as short as you can and stay within whatever ballistic parameters you feel you need.

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