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Thread: Hidden/Emergency Cash in Car Helps this Forgetful Wife...

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    Quote Originally Posted by C2Q View Post
    Got the apple pay....

    One of my best purchases was a little pocket I bought in the clearance section of Staples for .99. It is glued to the back of my phone and holds my id, ccw, and a cc. Now I am never without any of those. Now just need to stick some cash in it.

    Yes...always trying to be more prepared. Honestly, with 2 kids that I homeschool and businesses that need my constant attention, I am usually forgetting something when I leave the home: either my gun, my phone, my computer, my keys, sunglasses, etc. Irritating.
    Great idea when you want to loose phone, cards and money all at once!

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    Quote Originally Posted by C2Q View Post
    Hmm, you've got something there....processing.
    Granted, it's a little easier when you're a guy and live in 5.11's with pockets everywhere, and I don't have anywhere near as many balls in the air to juggle (though the Ill-Tempered Mutant Landcrab does her darnedest sometimes), but... the basic principle of "set a place for every thing, put everything in same place every time" helps a lot.
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