Thanks for everyone's input and knowledge. You guys are an invaluable resource! I found a gun store that has their handguns out where you can handle them and tried Gen 4s, Gen 5s, some custom Glocks with stippled and reduced grips, M&Ps, a Sig P320 and most everything else except for a Walther PPQ. Of all those pistols, there were several that felt and pointed better for me than any of the Glocks. I will probably go with an M&P 2.0 compact or a P320 compact. The grip angle on the P320 is a little different but I like the trigger pull a little better than the M&P and the ability to switch grips, while gimicky to me, might actually be handy in some situations.

I've found a buddy who is willing to give my G19 a new home so now it's time to shoot the others.

Thanks again for all of the input and advice, it's very much appreciated.