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So this thread is about "how not to shoot yourself" when reholstering, which isn't make/model dependent. Or it's a troll post. Either way, for those that might learn...

Cut dangles and cord locks off any outer garment you wear.
Only use holsters with rigid mouths that remain open and at their full dimensions when the gun is out.
Dry practice.
Holster deliberately and reluctantly only when it is safe to do so and/or as conditions indicate.
Clear any cover garments from the path to the holster.
Clear the holster mouth.
Finger off and away from the trigger..
Watch the guns return to the holster, or take a visual snapshot as it progresses.

I've seen a bunch of NDs at or near the holster, most of which were on the return. They involved various models of guns, include TDA/DA/SA/SF, and required multiple modes of shooter failure. Several involved a Serpa and some were in cavernous gun-bucket duty holsters. If those shooters couldn't keep their fingers off the trigger, their use of an SCD, conventional manual safety, and decocking lever is questionable as well.

There are conditions in which a swift return to the holster is prudent, but it should only be done as quickly as the precautions above can be performed. Some holsters designs will be faster to return to than others.

To the OP's original question, it isn't how to avoid "Glock Leg", but "Clown Leg."
This post should be stickied to avoid people going full Tex Grebner.

You never go full Tex Grebner.