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View Poll Results: Where are you most likely to need a gun for self-defense? (Not on LE/Mil job)

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  • At home

    2 8.33%
  • In my automobile

    6 25.00%
  • NOT in my home or automobile

    6 25.00%
  • While moving from / to my home / automobile

    10 41.67%
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Thread: Where are you most likely to need a gun for self-defense?

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    Gun free zones make me the most concerned and alert.

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    Most likely in or in vicinity of your vehicle, & amongst a large, varied crowd, such as at shopping malls, grocery stores, eating establishments & similar venues. As we all
    have seen, an armed assault can occur anywhere, at any time. All it takes is one pissed off moron looking to shoot his ex, or an actual or perceived act of 'disrespect' while you're driving to initiate such an act. BUT, my standard advice when asked what to do in such a situation, is to observe, & only, I repeat only act with lethal force if blood had already been shed. Why, you may ask ? Because even if you act totally within your legal & moral rights, & are later presented with a medal from your town elders, your attorney will be asking you for all the legal fees you've amassed during the process !! OK, I'm done. Sorry for the brief sermon, but I just thought it was appropriate.

    Best, dpast32
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