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Thread: 870 folding or collapsible stock

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    870 folding or collapsible stock

    I have a dept SBS that was set up with a pistol grip many years ago (talking 20 years ago). This is for the Narco unit.

    Anyway....I was asked to find a suitable stock that would balance shoot ability with portability.

    Is there a preferred folding or collapsible stock for an 870?

    thanks in advance

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    For maximum portability and shootability, IMO you would want to go with a side-folder versus an over the top folder.

    I have some experience with the Choate side folders, and as much as I like Choate's shotgun stocks, their side-folder didn't give me a warm fuzzy. But I like it better than any top folding stock I've every used - the Remington factory models and the Choate over the top.

    Choate side folder: https://www.riflestock.com/store/pro...-870-12-gauge/

    Other than with the Remington factory folders, my experience is limited to handling them during armorer service and shooting them on student shotguns, not really any heavy use. The Remington folders are horrid IMO, shortly after getting them, by pretty much unanimous decree, they ended up in the parts cabinet. You can't really shoot them with a cheek weld and considering cheek weld to assure proper stock placement in your shoulder is pretty important to fast and accurate shotgun shooting that is a deal killer IMO.

    One thing that you will find with folding stocks using the AR style pistol grip and adjustable stock is that the length of pull is not well suited for smaller statured shooters or shooters wearing body armor.

    The Choate LOP for their side folder is 14 to 17 inches.

    The LOP on 870's with regular stocks is 14" generally, and that is a little to long for most folks shooting while wearing a vest.

    In collapsible stocks, one of the nicer ones is the MESA Tactical LEO Telescoping Stock System. It's LOP adjusts from 10˝” to 13˝.

    MESA Tactical - https://mesatactical.com/leo-telesco...-ga-and-20-ga/

    I like the Choate Conventional body armor stocks that run 113/4" with a plastic pad, 12" with a rubber covered rear plate or 123/4" with a 1 inch recoil pad:

    Conventional: https://www.riflestock.com/store/pro...y-armor-stock/

    Pistol Grip: https://www.riflestock.com/store/pro...ol-grip-stock/

    Recoil Pad: https://www.riflestock.com/store/pro...-armor-stocks/

    Rubber Coated Butt Plate: https://www.riflestock.com/store/pro...ed-butt-plate/

    I was our Academy's primary for all things shotgun. I used to cut down stocks until I found the Choate's. If you track what I'm saying - take a look at Remington factory youth stocks, it looks like someone just put a block in the back of the mould to make it shorter, in doing so they lose a little bit of the toe to heel length. This makes it more difficult to mount the shotgun properly. The Choate stocks don't lose that toe to heel length. That's why I like them.

    If you compare the LOP adjustments from the MESA Telescoping Stock to the Choate Body Armor - without pads they differ by 1.25 inch. What you have to consider is what utility that 1.25 inch offers in terms of portability and shootability.

    Unless you decide to go folding, I'd stick with the fixed body armor stocks.

    Things to ponder, good luck.
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    My experience is limited to a Knox NRS on my 870. I've had one for 10 or so years, and I like it, although my first one broke (the recoil reducing part in the grip, I got a warranty replacement), I've been generally satisfied with it other than the breakage. I don't shoot that gun a lot, probably only a few thousand rounds since I put the Knox stock on it.

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    My two cents Canadian for what it's worth these days.

    I have tested nearly every stock, stock adapter, folding stock, collapsible stock, recoil-absorbing stock and stock accessory on the market. Recently, one of our bigger agencies (5000+) was looking at AR stock adapters so the shotguns could fit in the same mount as their carbines. (The Chief wouldn't spring for new vehicle mounts and not every officer was carbine-qualified.) I tested nearly everything and hated them all. There were very few I would trust with my life. I concluded that one cannot turn a shotgun into an AR by adding a collapsible stock and watching a few Chris Costa videos.

    The one I recommended, and possibly the BEST stock that would fit your needs exactly (in my personal opinion ... which is worth something north of about 1.67 cents) is the Mesa Urbino stock. I have found through much testing that tall shooters can shoot short stocks, but short shooters will struggle with long stocks. (This is why I feel that shotguns are often both poorly trained and under appreciated in police academies these days.)

    The overall length of a shotgun with a fixed Urbino stock is only an inch or two longer than a completely collapsed AR stock with adapter, and is MUCH more comfortable to shoot. To me, it is the best combination between maximum portability and minimum fuss if you need it in a hurry.

    Mesa Tactical Urbino 870.jpg


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