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Thread: Heat and med it ?

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    Heat and med it ?

    There have been a lot of discussions of what goes into a personal med kit.
    I have a small kit in my shooting bag that is on the range with me all the time. I also have a larger bag that stays in the car and is more extensive.
    The Jeep is triple black and I live in S Florida. You can imagine the inside temps during the summer.
    I replace all my batteries at the beginning of Hurricane season. It is expensive and extravagant.
    The question is how often and which supplies should I be replacing after being the heat of the car?
    A lot of you guys have experience dealing with extreme heat. What goes and what lasts.

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    Most of the stuff in a first aid kit is relatively temperature insensitive. Bandages, gauze, tourniquets, etc. should last quite awhile, of course. The adhesive in Bandaids and the stickiness of some tapes may be affected by heat over time, however. Medications will have shorter lifespans in the heat, with EpiPens probably being the fastest thing to go. Good medical tape (Transpore) has held up well for me in the Texas heat.


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