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Thread: Gun insurance......opinions?

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    I have an extra rider on my homeowner's insurance but it's only $4K. Wouldn't even begin to cover my stuff.
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    Quote Originally Posted by soulezoo View Post
    True that. From the recent camp fire, a number of safes (well known brands) were found to have the contents destroyed.
    All safes are rated. Some better than others but I doubt many are rated to endure something like that. Saw a picture of a car with the aluminum wheels melted completely off of the hubs.

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    Since I am using State Farm for my condo and cars, I used them for my firearms. I get a discount for combining them.

    They did ask for information on the guns, like list of parts and accessories but everything is listed in the policy, scopes, weapons lights, RDSs, everything. Everything is covered. It's funny when reading the policy what it won't cover, like damage due to nuclear war.
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    I have an additional $20k through my homeowners policy (Farmers) specifically covering firearms. I don't recall the cost off the top of my head but it wasn't very much.

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    This is what we use:

    Eastern Insurance Group , LLC

    The Historic Firearms and Collectibles Insurance Program

    933 Webster Street, Marshfield, MA 02050

    I said "we" because lots of my local friends and people from the hometown firearms enthusiast forum recommended them. Good service and reasonable price. Don't bother with getting a rider on the home insurance policy, too high, too much hassle.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex V View Post
    It's funny when reading the policy what it won't cover, like damage due to nuclear war.
    Written and put into all commercial policies probably back in the mid-1950's when warheads were few, ICBMs not yet invented, and the view of nuclear war very different. Commercial policy forms accumulate this kind of stuff as debris and it rarely goes away. 30 years from now people will be saying the same thing about "terrorism" exclusions.
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