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Thread: Not a lot of enthusiasm for guns as far as I can tell

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    I'll make a "those damn Millennials..." quip every now and then, but the hard truth of it is all of the Millennials (1981-1996 Millennials...) I know personally are smart, motivated, hard working, decent people who are doing the best they can to live a good life. The shooting community should do what we can to continue to recruit them to our hobby/cause/way of life.

    Now those damn lazy Gen-Z kids... ;-)

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    I was born in 1981. I’ve been labeled “millennial”, “echo-boomer”, “Gen Z”, etc. Fvck all that noise.

    I’m the most ardent and outspoken person there is regarding our rights, firearms ownership and real freedom.

    Label me however you like. I’m more enthusiastic about my rights, about firearms and spreading that enthusiasm and wisdom to others is one of my biggest life goals.

    Stop pushing people to the other side and bring them to your side.

    ETA: I don't hide my enthusiasm for ALL of our Rights and I'm not a strict 100% of the time "grey man" either. In my day to day life you wouldn't know I am a firearms super enthusiast nor would you guess I am carrying a firearm nearly 24/7.

    I don't have any stickers on my truck and I don't wear firearms related clothing except around the house and at specific events where it's obvious I am into firearms, and everyone else there is also.

    What I do, is engage anyone and everyone on the topic of our Rights in general, especially- 1A, 2A and 4A as I feel those are threatened the most and under constant attack by far too many people.

    Being a grey man in most ways and a lot fo the time is necessary, but I believe we should also stand up and show people what a real responsible gun owner looks like and how they act, as the "Bubba Fudd's" are the only ones out there showing it off and the media magnifies that shit X100.

    If more people realized the typical CCW carrier is the least likely person to commit a crime or hurt anyone other than via self defense and usually it's the the dude or gal that helps them shovel their sidewalk when it snows a ton, lends them their tools anytime they need, watches their house closer and grabs the mail when they are out of town and is prepared and responsible, safe and intelligent, we would have fewer enemies of our way of life.

    I get hiding and wanting to be left alone, but we need visibility as well to make certain people see who we really are and stop thinking we are all Yosemite Sam's and Elmer Fudd's.
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    We interrupt this programme to bring you an important news bulletin: the suspect in the Happy Times All-Girl Glee Club slaying has fled the scene and has managed to elude the police. He is armed and dangerous, and has been spotted in the West Side area, armed with a meat cleaver in one hand and his genitals in the other...

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    I've recently gotten into an old man's game with USGI carbines, and there have been two clear sub sets of older carbine owners.....

    1. Thrilled that a younger person like myself is so enthusiast about them, and answer any, and all questions with a huge smile on their face.

    2. Hoarder/jaded type that will hardly share any info, and doesn't want to spread the USGI bug to the next gen. These folks pass, and their loved ones sell their collections for pennies on dollar usually as well.

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    The gun community is one of the biggest obstacles to entry of new shooters.

    You can't adopt a "F*ck all them lib snowflakes" attitude and then wonder why no one wants to come play. Even to fence-sitters who aren't hard left wingers, that attitude is a no-go because they don't want to be associated with Bubba the MAGA hat wearing loudmouth.

    We need to be marketing ourselves as competent, approachable, sane and safe so that people who are curious/neutral towards guns will want to see what it's all about. If you're on facebook with your "F*ck anyone who ain't us" attitude, you're just hurting our brand and killing our sport/hobby/lifestyle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKDoug View Post
    "Phukin' kids these days" has been a complaint throughout history.

    The millennials I raised are fine adults and good contributors to society. I know dozens more just like them. There are shitbags in every generation.
    Yeah but you see here is the thing . . .

    It's a numbers game.

    Millennials, i.e. Generation Y is the largest generation in human history. That equates to more people than ever before and with that there are more shitbags than any previous generation. Though Baby Boomers sure give them a run for their money. Until Generation Y was in full swing we never saw this level of insanity on college campuses like we have since Generation Y has been attending classes.

    No one ever said ALL millennials are this way or that way. However I have NEVER even heard of a more thin skinned, sensitive, and easily offended people group in my life, hence the popular culture snowflake label.

    Quote Originally Posted by sgtrock82 View Post
    Millenials just need to get the eff over it. So youre the generational whipping boys(girls.....etc?) Big deal, I grew up listening to all kinds of shit about how worthless "Gen X" was, many a news print article deidicated to examining thos "problems". They even tried to christen a bunch of us "Gen why" to further illustrate our supposed worthlessness. So pick your chin up, youll be bashing the next cleverly named generation in no time at all.

    And the whole "we fought terrorism" is a red herring. Whats the service rate in this country 2-3%.... maybe 5 to be generous. So what about the other 95% +... just saying, its all cyclical. The biggest definer to me of millenials... is the bitching and whinning about being called millenials. Just be happy your TVs always had remotes, and Ill be glad I didnt grow up with social media
    Oh so, SOOOOO very many truth Tsar Bombas in there!
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    "If gun owners defy Assault Weapons ban, the government has nukes." — Eric Swalwell D-CA

    "We have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right, and we have to start doing something about them." — CNN's Don Lemon 10/30/18

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