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Thread: Dang it, had a question of dire importance but

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    Definitely check out the Norlan. Awesome glass. You can hold it and your body heat wont warm up the bourbon due to double wall construction. They do feel fragile though.
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    I agree with Whiskey_Bravo. I drink liquor neat, or possibly with a little water to open it up if it is cask strength.

    The Glencairn glasses do everything you need. It's also what most distillers use when tasting.

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    Grimfrost makes some killer drinking horns in all sizes if you want to kick it old school . . .

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    My sister has a glass blowing studio in San Antonio & has made me some really spiffy hooch holders...the rounded bottom 'drunken' glasses on the end are really cool. I like tequila neat out of the freezer but prefer my bourbon with a cube or two. You can spin the drunkard glass & guests usually think it's gong to spill.

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    I found the 6oz “juice” size of my 8oz low ball and 12oz highball glasses. (I think they are also available in a 10.5 oz low ball and 16oz highball version)

    The lines work out to 1.5oz, 3oz, and 4.5 oz at the top of the vertical lines. I like the idea of some other glass shapes, but really want a non stem type glass. Having one, two or three shots in a low ball glass I don’t like either. Sipping from a little shot glass I don’t like. I am going to give these a try tonight.

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