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Thread: Precision Armament AFAB on an AR-10/DR308

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    Precision Armament AFAB on an AR-10/DR308

    Has or is anyone running a Precision Armament EFAB on their AR-10/DR308? I have used them on AR-15, and I am a big fan for non-suppressed muzzle devices. Well I've ran the AFAB, which is similar but not as expensive as the EFAB. I was definitely impressed with muzzle control AND FLASH suppression and the fact it was not as loud as my AAC brakes.

    Interested if anyone has used the Big Papa Pump version on the large frame. They have a pretty good mil discount, which puts it in the realm of the possible.



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    The answer is yes! On a DDV52 and a M&P 10 and I think it’s probably the best “combo” device I’ve ever used on any gun ( I’ve got 3 5.56 guns with EFABS as well). It’s probably 90% of a A2 for flash and probably 70% as effective as some of the best pure brakes out there. The biggest advantage is it’s quieter and not anti-social to shoot with. Not a inexpensive solution though but as a combo ... highly recommended.

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    Have one on my 16inch 308. It’s great.


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