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Thread: DD is making a bolt action rifle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marler5811 View Post
    No plans for a left handed version at this time. I'm also left handed. Not sure I'd know what to do with a Left Handed Bolt!
    Not being snarky, honest, but I'm a LH shooter and am absolutely hard core, I will not buy a rifle from a company that does not release a LH rifle. I know all the 'you can run a RH bolt left-handed just as fast' arguments, and did it for years, it really doesn't work. Companies that want to get serious in the bolt action market should produce a LH rifle or in the case of combat rifles, ambi features like you guys are doing now on your .308 and 6.5 CM offerings (which is great, btw).

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    Quote Originally Posted by maximus83 View Post
    The bolt design, in concept at least (I've not handled), is very good and updated to what a lot of the latest/best custom actions are doing:
    * 3-lug bolt
    * 60 degree bolt throw
    * Floating head design

    Those are features worth having--if well executed. ETA, this is a very thoughtfully designed rifle, if it turns out to actually be well built with quality components, it could be a very good buy at this price point. I have no connection with DD and would not buy one myself, I'm actually irritated that they didn't produce a LH action. That said, it could be a great rifle.
    I understand the bolt design, and the advantages of it. I will point out that some of those same features can be found in competing products at lower costs.

    This far in the mid price range (to me) of precision rifles I have been able to physically inspect I would rate the Delta 5 solidly mid pack, with a price that is a bit too much to make it a good value. Plus if a guy wants to shoot PRS, the Delta 5 is too expensive for production division and will most likely not be competitive in the classes with even pricier rigs.

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