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Thread: 13.7 "Do All" SBR

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    That's a great set up. I've been wanting to build a 13.7 with a Noveske barrel for a long time now. Will probably be my next build
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    Cool rifle; thanks for sharing. I really dig 13.7” barrels. Kind of an SBR sweet spot, since you can run a reasonable handguard with them, get good ballistics without a nuclear fireball, yet they are very maneuverable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msnyder0609 View Post
    I've had this rifle in its current configuration for about 8 months now. I don't think it'll be changing anytime soon, so I thought I'd do a write up on it.

    I wanted a that would cover pretty much all my bases. Short enough to be nimble. Long enough to make hits at 600+. IR laser/illuminator for use with nods.

    Barrel is a true 13.75 from Triarc Systems. Mid-length. I'm running an A5 buffer (h3) along with an LMT enhanced carrier. I have thousands of rounds through this gun and haven't had a single hiccup, so I'm very confident in its reliability at this point. This combo also makes for an extremely soft shooting gun, especially with the small gasport on the Triarc barrel. I believe its .073.

    Other upper parts. I have a BCM upper receiver and a Geissele Mk14 rail. Optic is a Razor 1-6 "E" in a Geissele 1.93 mount. I prefer the more "heads up" shooting position I get from the taller mount. Running an Atpial-C for IR and a Surefire M600u off a Surefire dual switch.

    Lower, pretty standard stuff here. Spikes SBR'd lower receiver. Vltor A5H3 and an SSA-E. BCM & Magpul furniture.

    In regards to accuracy. It's 2-3 moa with Wolf Gold or my economy handloads and me as a shooter. I've never tried anything but 55gr blasting ammo so I can't say much more in that regard. I have made hits on C zone steel at 700 with a good spotter. I'm sure with match grade ammo it'd be an MOA gun.

    Only thing I'm waiting on is a Sandman K. Hopefully that stamp will be approved within a month. Currently I run my Specwar 556k on it from time to time.

    Hope ya'll dig it!

    Looks great, love the paint.

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    Nice rifle!

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