Picked one up 2nd hand unused at a local pawn shop since I really like Mora Scandi grind (Cold Steel calls it zero grind) and that caught my eye.

New to it so cannot comment on edge retention or any other durability issues yet.

The blade reminds me of the Mora HD Companion thickness and grip texture is similar to the poly/non-rubber Moras and similarly is ok dry, but lacking wet. TriAd lock seems to be solid.

The only major complaint I have heard is the thumb stud interfering with Scandi style sharpening and cutting. So far I haven't had an issue with it while cutting and being very sharp is another Mora trait it has.

On sharpening, the stud does require placing the blade on a stone or strip with a bit more thinking than a Mora fixed blade, but isn't impossible.

A suggestion I saw to replace the stud (a male and female half, not a set screw as it appears) with a mini cable tie to overcome the complaints did not alleviate the sharpening interference and sucked for one hand opening.

Leaving the stud out and opening like a traditional pocket knife is a no go (at least for me) since there is no thumb nail nick along with a combination of very little blade exposed and very slick. Difficult with bare fingers and harder still with thin gloves.

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