So I took my AR pistol out this summer and took the time to run some various ammo through it and see what group well out of it. I used a front bag and did the testing off a folding table at shot at 50 yds with the Eotech XPS2. I know there are better ways to test accuracy but this is a good representation of what you would get out of actually shooting it and not what it could do under the most ideal situations where all factors are controlled. I tested some 55gr pmc bronze fmj, 50 fiocchi Vmax, which has been lights out accuracy wise in every barrel I've shot, hornady critical defense 73gr, hornady 55gr american gunner bthp, hornady black 75gr bthp and some american eagle xm855. The fiocchi was excellent, the critical defense was solid and surprisingly enough the m855 grouped well. Below is a video with the results.