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Thread: The 'Strobe' function.

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    And there you have it...

    I got called into work tonight for OT and the guys were bullshitting about a foot pursuit of a wanted subject on Saturday night and how funny it was that one of our guys was basically stuck on the opposite side of a 4-lane road because he couldn't get across. Apparently, the BWC footage is the icing on the cake as he's yelling "stop" at cars as they blow by at 40 mph all while the guy across the street is broadcasting that he's fighting the subject in the mulch.

    Would the cop have been more likely to get the attention of the drivers so he could get across the street if he was strobing? I think it is a good possibility... but what the **** do I know?

    Sometimes this job has comically perfect timing...

    EDIT: why my je-golly-gosh... guess how the cop did finally get across the street? He used the GD strobe...
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheTick View Post
    Agreed on the screwing with squad mates. There is a soulless ginger on my squad that can unflinchingly stare into the strobe from only a few feet away. It makes me fear for his eternal damnation.
    Then the light isn't bright enough...lol

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    The Surefire Institute low-light instructor course advocated the strobe function many years ago. An instructor was able to circle behind my by judicous manual strobing of his light. My recollection was that the strobing was considerably slower than what we see on lights today. Some months later, if I recall, Ken Goode split from Surefire to go his own way and helped develop the Gladius for Blackhawk. I believe the Gladius was the first strobing flashlight. Its manual of arms was somewhat jacked up and it had lower power than some of my Surefire lights. Though I received a Gladius through some promotion, I never used it on the street.

    I would agree that the strobe function of today's lights is great for signalling and less effective for operational work. I'd also posit that I find the proclivity of my Surefire Lawman strobing when I don't want it to do so really annoying. I suspect the brief momentary flashes of light the the Surefire trainers taught is much more effective on bad guys and less distracting to us.

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