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Thread: AR Troy battle rail

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lallop View Post
    its an AERO PRECISION 308 upper, and in both builds im having the same issues... ive sent an email to Troy to see whats they have to say.
    What is the SKU for the rail you purchased (and where'd you buy it)?

    At one point Troy was making separate 308 handguards for both HP and LP DPMS uppers. I know this as I considered purchasing one for an M&P-10 (which has a low profile upper) but ended up buying an Odin Works rail instead. Troy only lists a few 308 LP rails on their website (most are specifically HP), and it looks like the LP rails they do have are all on clearance, so it may be a discontinued product.

    The difference in height between HP and LP uppers is only about 1.5mm (1/16"), so maybe not as much as you might think. Here's a link to a PDF on Troy's website from when they were listing both types of rail:


    As for installation, you were correct in the other thread when you stated that you should have used shims to help index the barrel nut instead of griding off some of the teeth when you couldn't get it to align properly (not something I would ever consider doing). Lapping the receiver face would be another option if you wanted to avoid shims, and/or be able to install the barrel nut at a lower torque setting.

    If the cap head mounting screws are really too long and are digging into the barrel when everything is tight, the easiest solution would be to shorten them. You could mock everything up (rail assembled off of gun) and measure the difference between the OD of the barrel and the clearance between the screws when everything is tight, then remove the necessary length from the screws using a flat metal file, as it's likely not much.

    Alternatively, you could give Troy a chance to address the issue. Funny, in the other thread you said you knew forum rules specify that you should contact the manufacturer first before posting a "buyer beware, Company-X is scamming people" type of complaint, but had decided to post exactly that anyways. That might be why many decided to just ignore the thread to begin with.
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    Aggie ive wrote it down in this forum just because i wouldnt want anyone else to end up in the situation. You cant just solve an issue speaking with the manufacturer and shut up, there is a reason why we leave feedback on the things we buy.

    however, as specified before, the height difference is only about half millimeter (you just said HP and LP difference is 1.5mm, which is 3 times more) so it would be way more noticeable. Again, i dont mind about it THAT much, but on a 280$ rail compared to a

    UTG that costs 100$, the utg lines up properly.

    the SKU of my rails is the same as the one you can see on their shop page : SRAI-ML3-5HBT-00, the code is written with laser on the picatinny section on top.

    the issues of the screw touching on the barrel have been just solved using 1mm shims, they protude WAY to much to be shortened and then you will have other problems screwing them back on.

    regarding the barrel, im not lucky enough to live in US and i got no chance finding any 308 barrel shims... so any info regarding the "over torque" would be appreciated, ive fired the rifles and they seems to work fine, i guess the 308 receiver threads should be a

    little beefier compared to an ar15 upper arent they? if you can go up to 80 ft/pounds on an ar15 upper, i wonder if 100 ft/pounds is too much for these.

    i think the problem here is troy itself applying very poor quality controls, i just took a random photo of their new socc rails mounted on their troy rifles, and voila, even their new rails are misalligned with their own uppers...


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