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Thread: 308 battle rail help

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    308 battle rail help

    Hello guys... and sorry for always being ranting but......... if you were to be unlucky as i am you'd probably have to tell everyone too

    just received my Troy MLOK battle rails HP for my new 18" and 20" builds.. since im from overseas, it costed me some good money to have them imported, and have them imported quickly.

    ok straight to the point... GOD DAMN!! thanks Troy for polluting the market with products different from what your photo shows, because the rails i was supposed to receive (as seen in the store photos)

    were the ones with QD attachments slots (in between the two mounting screws) rails like the one i received ARE NOT EVEN OFFERED ON THEIR STORE/ANYWHERE ONLINE (if you check mlok battle rail for 308 you not gonna find a store showing

    one with no qd slots) so what the hell is wrong with them? but thats ok... the rail do look good and i can go past the qd slot.. i wasnt intending to use it anyway except that it was looking better

    but thats not over, because the pain in the a** comes while installing barrels, since on both rails the barrel nut teeth wont index with the gastube hole in the receiver at any of the given torque, had to go around 100 ft/pounds to have it indexed,

    while on the other i just had to grind off a teeth because it wont index even at 110 foot pounds... ( know i might have used some shims)

    and nope, is not over yet, because once installed the rail is even shorter than the receiver height!!! LIKE WHAT THE FOK? these were advertised as

    High Profile rails (infact there are no low profile battle rails for the 308) but as far as i know the low profile should be quite a little lower than that and not just half millimeter. First i had issues with one of the Aero lowers, now the rails... damn lol

    Good job Troy, is that what you get when you decide to go with premium Troy instead of UTG because you think UTG is cheap? am i doing something wrong installing the rail?! is 100 /110 foot pounds too much for a 308 upper? i wouldnt be

    surprised to loose some fingers next

    i know you admins already told me to contact the manufacturer before writing an essay on some forum and thats also part of the rules, but since there are 0 to no info online about this particular rail, i would really like other peoples to know the

    risks in buying this, and if a company is messing up a tiny bit, is right that everyone knows. for the same amount of money i spent on these i could have bought at least 7 utg rails and replace them just in case they breaks. i wish daniel defense

    was doing some 308 rails too

    any info would be appreciated. happy new year everyone


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    I didn't realize Troy offers 308 Rails. I certainly haven't ready here of anybody using them. My personal use of their products doesn't extend beyond their folding back up iron sights. It is indeed odd that you received what doesn't seem to exist, and that leads me to initially wonder if they are counterfeit. You bought them directly from Troy?

    I'm satisfied with Aero's handguards (standard and Enhanced) that I've used for a couple of Aero upper builds I've done.

    Needing to torque them to 100 ft lbs isn't a situation that I would accept. If 30 ft pounds is on one side of a tooth and 80 doesn't line up with the next gap, I'd either shim it or call the manufacturer....which in your case isn't a simple endeavor.

    Daniel Defense 308 Lite Rails haven't been made for quite a while, but they are available on the used market if you're patient enough. After the barrel is worn out, I'll probably sell my 2008 vintage Lite Rail 12.0 and replace it with a significantly lighter M-LOK handguard.
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    i should have gone with more proven handguards (such as the one you said grizzman)

    instead of going on products where you can hardly find a photo of it installed.
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