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Thread: My ultimate carry revolver...S&W please hear my prayer

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    Man, those panels and Tyler T grips are calling to me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7n6 View Post
    Are they still making the 37-2's with the bobbed hammer and no lock? I picked one up a couple years ago and supposedly it was some foreign government over run that they didn't ship out.
    I was told they were for the Taiwan police. I bought one, because I have a sickness for J frames, didn't shoot it. Ended up selling it to a buddy when I got another J frame. LOL.

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    I've a 640 Pro, which I had to track down on Gunbroker. One of the Gunzines did a favorable review, and they were hard to find. Did a rebound spring and slicked it up a little; it isn't too bad even with magnums. I put some Altamont combat grips on it, and I really (really, really, really!) like it.
    Concur on the Centennial for rookies; it's good if they just want a gun, but they won't enjoy shooting it much.
    Some of the J-guns have pinned in front sights; the pins are small, and can be stinkers to get out, but a replacement fiber optic sight is a big help. I did this on a 340 and a 640.
    BTW, not crazy about the Hilary Hole, but the one in that 340, which has the most abrupt recoil known to man with magnums, has never caused a problem.

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