It's been 1 year in the making, but finally completed my new 3 gun rifle. This was my first full on build. I took my time buying parts on sale, and selecting exactly what I wanted. It came out better than I expected. I still need to invest in a better optic, and will probably opt for the Vortex Viper PST II 1-6x in a Warne mount when funds allow.

The goal was to build a lightweight, soft shooting rifle for 2 gun, 3 gun, and carbine matches. Rifle without optic is 5lb. 11oz, and just shy of 7lb with the crappy Leatherwood CMR in a Burris PEPR mount. Should be similar, if not lighter with the vortex.

Something a little different from what's ussually posted here.

Build list:
Aero Precision Upper & Lower
Ergo Enhanced LPK
Ergo Grip
Magpul Aluminum Enhanced Trigger Guard
Efltmann 3gun curved trigger
Odinworks Zulu 2.0 stock
JP Silent Captured Buffer (Builders pack with 5 springs
Brownells Lightweight Nib BCG
Rainier Arms Midlength Gas tube
Odinworks 16.1" Ultra Lightweight, .223wylde, Midlength, 1:8twist
Odwinworks Tuneable .750 gas block
Odinworks Atlas 5 Adjustable Muzzle Brake
Aero Precision Atlas S-0ne Mlok 15" Handguard

I only have about 50rounds through it so far. Very soft shooting rifle, with very little muzzle rise. Very easy to keep the center dot on target. Looking forward the upcoming shooting season.