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Thread: HELO Hog Hunt Help

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    HELO Hog Hunt Help

    Looking for information from those of you who may have taken a helicopter hog hunt. Location and Outfitter


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    I am also interested. I have talked to some people on both the shooter side and outfitter side about this. There are details to consider like bringing your own gun or using the outfitter's guns.

    I know one place strongly suggested/required the use of a brass catcher for your AR so your brass doesn't get thrown into the helo or onto the pilots.

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    Iíve done one before and canít recommend it enough. I donít know what outfitter was used, it was someone some farmers/ranchers we were working with hired to do some population control on their land. I used a Benelli M4 with 00 buck and thatís what I would recommend. It would be fun to use an AR but it would be much more difficult IMO. Shooting out of a moving helicopter is more difficult than I expected and using a shotgun was very helpful.

    Ended up taking down like 25 hogs and a few yotes when I went up


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